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    Your Crawl Space and Your Energy Usage

    Crawl Space

    When you have an older home, you may also have a crawl space under your floors that was designed originally to allow access to pipes and other systems throughout your home. While you may think that your crawl space is innocuous, the reality may be different.

    Get to know some of the important facts about your home's crawl space and how it may impact the energy in your home. Then, you can decide what, if anything, you should do about the crawl space in your home.

    Understanding Energy Transfer and Your Crawl Space

    Crawl spaces in homes were not designed with energy efficiency in mind. Because of this, most crawl spaces have little or no insulation in them. They are simply open spaces under the floors of the house.
    Energy can easily be transferred through a crawl space. This means that hot or cold air from outside can easily come into the home through the floors while the air from inside the home can transfer outside through the crawl space.
    When you are looking to improve the energy efficiency of your home, the floors and your crawl space may not be the first place you think of as needing insulation or improvements. However, because of the increased energy transfer in your home, make your crawl space a priority.

    Insulating Your Crawl Space

    One of the options for dealing with the energy transfer that occurs in your crawl space is simply to insulate the crawl space. Many people with older homes enjoy the character that a crawl space gives their home. Crawl spaces are unique features not found in most modern homes and can be a point of interest for visitors.
    Additionally, crawl spaces do have a functional purpose, allowing repairmen access to pipes and wiring, that go under the floors of your home. You probably want to keep your crawl space accessible in case of issues with any of the systems in your home.
    The exact means of insulation you choose will depend on whether or not your crawl space is ventilated. If it is ventilated, you can insulate your home the way that you would an attic or the walls with basic fiberglass insulation.
    When you have a ventilated crawl space, you want to leave that ventilation system intact because it helps to remove moisture from the home. As such, you will insulate underneath the floor and subfloor of your home rather than inside of the crawl space itself. Insulation inside the crawl space could block the ventilation leading to unwanted moisture buildup.
    If your crawl space is not ventilated, you can insulate the crawl space walls. Insulating the walls of the crawl space and installing a moisture barrier on the dirt floors can help with both moisture buildup and energy transfer but will still allow for the crawl space to be used if necessary.

    Enclosing Your Crawl Space

    Another option to consider with your crawl space is to insulate it and close it off entirely. Closing off your crawl space can be much like insulating an unventilated crawl space in that a moisture barrier and insulation need to be installed. However, you may opt to put in thicker layers of insulation and seal off the entrance to the crawl space entirely.
    Alternatively, plastic or concrete can be installed in a crawl space to seal it up permanently. Most people, though, do not opt to enclose or close off a crawl space entirely. Many people don’t want to worry about moisture buildup, but in colder climates, sealing a crawl space can help to keep a home warmer.
    With these facts in mind, contact an insulation expert to get your crawl space taken care of as soon as possible. 


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