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    5 Reason to Insulate Your Garage

    A Garage
    Your home contains insulation in key areas to increase your home's comfort throughout the year. Good insulation keeps warm air inside during cold winter months. In the summer, insulation blocks high temperatures and humidity from entering your air-conditioned sanctuary. But have you ever considered adding insulation to your attached garage? Here are five compelling reasons to insulate your garage.

    1. Raise Home Energy Efficiency

    A well-insulated garage can act as an additional buffer between your comfortable home and the heat or cold outside. You can boost the energy efficiency of your home when you insulate the ceiling and walls of the garage.

    Add weather stripping to the entry door to further prevent cold air and heat from seeping into your home via the garage. Complete your garage insulation endeavors and insulate the door as well.

    2. Improve Garage Temperature Control

    Your parked cars may not appreciate the advantages that insulation brings, but you certainly will. Just as insulation within the walls and attic of your home regulates indoor temperatures, garage insulation works on the same principle.

    Quality insulation within the walls and ceiling of your garage gives you the freedom to better control temperature within that space. You will notice the temperature difference insulation provides when you enter your garage on especially cold or hot days. That temperature control makes your garage a more comfortable place to be.

    3. Put Your Garage to Work

    Once insulation creates a more comfortable garage, you can take advantage of your new space and put your garage to work. Your garage can become more than just a place to park or store the lawn mower. Look at the following possibilities.

    Heated Work Space

    Insulation allows you improved comfort further when you invest in a garage heater. You can perform a variety of activities during the winter in your heated garage. For example, you may work with wood or enjoy changing the oil in your car yourself.

    Better Band Practice

    If you can't tolerate the noise of a child and his instrument, a comfortable garage helps keeps the noise at bay. Plus, you don't have to worry about a frigid or steaming garage deterring enthusiasm for practice in the garage.

    Enhanced Climate Storage

    Do you have extra stuff that won't fit inside your home? Normally, a garage is not the best place to store certain items susceptible to extreme heat and cold. Fortunately, an insulated garage where you control the temperature can be a great storage area. Now you can stock up on food storage or other emergency supplies and not worry about food spoilage or degradation.

    4. Eliminate Trouble Spots

    Your home may have insulation in the walls and attic but often not inside partitions next to the garage. Sometimes rooms in your home that immediately adjoin the garage and share a wall feel extra cold or hot. Trouble spots such as these force you to turn up the heat or the air conditioner just to make a room feel more comfortable.

    You can eliminate those trouble spots with garage insulation. This provides crucial protection for rooms right next to or directly above the garage.

    5. Increase Your Home's Square Footage

    The official square footage of your home does not include the attached garage. If you want to increase the square footage of your home, however, you can finish your garage and turn it into livable space. You take the first step toward this goal when you add insulation to your garage.

    When you visit the experts at Insulation Pros, you can learn about more reasons that your garage needs insulation. Increase the comfort of your home and garage with superior insulation.


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